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The south coast of Cambodia is home to tropical beaches, unspoilt island, abandoned colonial resorts and several of Cambodia 's nascent national parks. It also includes a cradle of ancient Cambodian civilization in the Angkor Borei region near Takeo, dating from the 6 th century. The area is becoming increasingly popular with visitors and offers a number of diverse attractions that, with a little planning, can be seen in less than a week.

Much of the coastline is dotted with small fishing communities making their living from the sea. The western portion of this region is wild and remote and includes the uninhabited uplands of Chour Phnom Kravanh ( Cardamom Mountains ), while the area to the east is generally heavily settled, with the forest yielding to farmland long ago. Tourism looked set to be the big growth industry of the future, as many of the islands in this region are lined with perfect palm fringed beaches and covered in the blanket of forest
Kampot Province
Koh Kong is the vast but sparely populated province in Cambodia 's southwest, where the overwhelming majority of the popular live a long the coastline and where the mountains remain untamed. Not surprisingly, fishing is the main source of income for most residents. The shrimp farming industry introduced from Thailand died a quick death, leaving many Cambodian entrepreneurs penniless-see the boxes text “Prawn Crackers” later for more on this sorry tale. Tourism is tiny, as most people are transiting from Thailand to Sihanouk Ville only, but there is great potential for future growth thanks to the incredible beaches lining Boutum Sakor National Park and nearby islands like Koh Kong – yes, confusingly enough, the province and island share the same name. Diving off the coast and ecotourism in the upcountry jungle will take off, but for now, you are effectively on your own.
Getting around the province is limited to boat travel, as there are no roads linking Krong Koh Kong to the east of Cambodia . This is fast-changing, as the Thai military is bulldozing a road from the Thai border all the way through the jungle to join National Hwy 4 (NH4) near Sre Ambel. Soon Krong Koh Kong will be just five hours from Phnom Penh by road, revolutionizing life for the residents of the town. Thailand is not well-known for magnanimous gestures towards its smaller, ‘interior' neighbors. This road construction has a hidden price, namely the destruction of much of Cambodia 's pristine forest remaining in this wilderness region. The cost could end up being bigger still for Cambodia , as the road cuts through Chuor Phnom Kravanh – a unique ecosystem believed to be home to many endangered species.


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