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Safety and Equipment

Trekking in Virachey National Park is a lot safer then crossing the road in Phnom Penh! In fact the least safe part of this trip is taking the motor to Taveng district. It is of course advised to wear a helmet. Ask your driver to provide one for you. Also wear a face scarf and sun glasses to keep out the dust and shoes on your feet. Tell your motor dop to ride slowly. There is no hurry or deadlines you have to meet.

While trekking dink plenty of water. You will sweat a lot and there is a chance of dehydration. Watch your companions for the tell tale signs of headache and disorientation. Try to carry 2 liters of water with you. If you have puritabs or a similar product stop and make a fire to boil water if needed. Keep together on the trail and make sure that your group is led and trailed by your guides. Take extra care when traversing or ascending streams – the rocks can be slippery and dangerous. Ask your guide to cut you a bamboo staff for support. Give yourself 2 hrs of day light to make camp. When slinging your hammock or setting your tent in the evening make sure that you are well clear of dead or dying trees and branches which may fall in a strong wind. Watch out for any crossed sticks and pointers laid beside the path – they usually indicate the presence and direction of a nearby trap or snare or a hazardous natural obstacle such as a wasp nest. Ask the community guide to interpret it for you.

Malaria is prevalent in Ratanakiri but relatively scarce during the dry season even in the forest. The golden rule is that if you experience any form or combination of fever, headache, aches and pains within (typically) 5- 10 days of leaving a malarial area assume it is malaria and get a blood check promptly, preferably during a feverish bout when the parasites are easier to detect in the blood. Treat immediately if tested positive, especially for falciparum (cerebral) malaria. An expensive, relatively new drug by the name of Malarone is one of the most effective treatments. If your doctor recommends Artesunate (the new and effective herbally based treatment from China) ensure that it is the real thing and not a fake – there are many copies on the market in South East Asia. For those people taking preventative medicine please is aware that this may not be 100% effective and so it is still possible to contract malaria. Those on prophylactics should be extra vigilant after leaving the malarial area as the medicine can mask and suppress the symptoms of malaria to a point where it feels like a mild cold. Do not assume that this is the case and get a check up immediately.

Other that…….if you see a snake or a tiger count yourself lucky!!

Please let us know if you do.





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