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Sample  Itinerary

   Day 1:

Arrange own moto / private taxi and depart Banlung by 8.30am; arrive Taveng district at 9.45am; meet national park ranger guide at the ranger station, buy food at the market and proceed to boat pier on the Se San river; travel by boat up the Se San and O Tabok river to Phoum Yorn village (an ethnic Brau village on the banks of the O Tabok river and adjacent to the Virachey NP boundary); spend the afternoon and night in Phum village.

Timings: Banlung to Taveng district town by moto takes approx. 1hr – 15min if incident free; Taveng to Phum Yorn by river boat takes approx. 4hours in the dry season if incident free.

Day 2:

Depart the village at8.30am to up the O Lapeung river valley into the national park via the O Tayark ranger outpost station accompanied by both a ranger guide and community guide; select a campsite in the forest next to the river by 4.00pm.

Note: the forest trail is not always distinct and long stretches of walking follow the stream requiring frequent stream wading and crossing.

Day 3

Depart the campsite in the morning for the head of the valley to view the waterfall; return to Phm Yorn to day the night or spend a second night in the forest or at the outpost station. 

Note: The walking schedule chosen for Day 3 will be dependent on the group’s collective walking fitness, time taken and decision of whether to sleep in the village or in the forest / outpost station for a second night. It may not be possible to reach the head of the valley and waterfall and have sufficient time to return to Phum Yorn and Banlung comfortably on Day 4. Please plan accordingly with your guides.

Timings: Phum Yorn to the O Tayark outpost station approx. 2.5 hrs  walking with a rest; outpost station to the head of the O Lapeung valley and waterfall approx. 10 hours with a lunch break and short rests.

Day 4

Return to Banlung (Other option; stay more days in park)





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