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Equipment & Food

The ranger guide will provide cooking and eating utensils for the trip and hammocks can be hired from the national park headquarters. All other equipment, at this time, will need to be provided by the visitor.

Suggested Equipment                

-         Sturdy shoes / boots and socks                     

-         Flip flops / sandals / light shoes for stream wading and in the village (Optional)                     

-         Long trousers 1 pair (bring 2pair if wearing during the day as well)               

-         shorts 1 pair          

-         Bathing wear (sarong for women)                    

-         Long sleeved shirt (for night)                           

-         Light jacket (optional)                                     

-         T-shirt                                                                

-         Tent / hammock for the forest (can also be used in the village).                                

-         Blanket / light sleeping bag (it can get cold at night in the forest).  

-         Sarong / small towel                                          

-         Toiletries (basic)  

-         Personal first aid (basic)

-         Puritabs (optional for water purification)

-         Flashlight

-         Drinking bottle

-         Insect repellent

-         Sunscreen (for boat)                                                      

-         Camera / Binoculars   

Suggested foods item for trekking in dry season of the trek

-         Rice (approx. 500gm per person/day = 3 meals)

-         Instant noodles                                                            

-         Vegetables (e.g. beans, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, carrot).

-         Tinned fish / dried meat.

-         Fruit (oranges, pears, apples, bananas etc)

-         Peanuts

-         Raisins

-         Sweets

-         Tea/ 3 in 1 coffee

-         Chili

-         Garlic

-         Salt/ pepper

Note 1: As rice, vegetables and fruit may be difficult to buy in Taveng district, town it should be bought in Banlung. Ask at the National Park Headquarters for advice. Any other special foods/ snacks should be bought in Banlung.

Note 2: It is advised to buy bottled water for the first day and night. After which boiled water can be drunk. Please bring all water bottles out with you at the end of the trek. 





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